Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

alles neu macht der mai

hello dear friends,
"alles neu macht der mai" is a german phrase that can be translated with "may makes it new". I just released five new products, so i think that phrase fits very well.
first of all a new deorative grass fitting very well to all other .:buddhabeats:. grasses and makes a great summer ground cover.
the plane wreck started as a test for ambient occlusion baking and ended up in a sales box.
Its a nice post apocalyptic hangout spot and can be arranged in many ways.
the faery forest is a magical fantasy plant, or better said: 3 plants.
a bunch of 3 trees, that can endlessly combined to build forests or pathways without
eating all your precious prims.
it fits very well to the faery tree, which has the same script engine and functions.
the leaves can be tinted with 65.000 colors from my popular color picker panel.
both, the single tree and the forest, do also have a color fade mode, pulsating
glow and falling particle leaves that can be toggeled.

last, but not least here is the milky way.
i had it on my store for decoration, but on popular requesti boxed it up for sale.

All items can be seen at my inworld store and will be uploaded to the sl marketplace during the next weeks.

Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

bonsai juniper

another new development from .:buddhabeats:.
the new bonsai juniper with smart temp rezzed color picker panel has a built-in resizer to make it better fit every place.
the most people will sream: "LAAAAAAAG!", but not in this case...
this bonsai contains only one single script, providing color change, color picker positioning and resizing.
and its really easy to use - touch the bonsai, make your settings, touch it again.

Donnerstag, 4. April 2013


the mystical mushrooms are a bunch of 16 "mushies" made of two sculpted prims.
you may choose one of 3 different outer textures or 65.000 colors for the glowing lamels.
if you cant decide what color you like the most, activate the colorfade mode.
the light and the particles will always fit the lamels color. you can also toggle the pulse effect or the particles or resize the shroomies.
the mystical vines is a kind of alien or fantasy plant. the wild gnarled knawel with its glowing berries emits light, too. choose from 65.000 colors for the pulsating berries or activate the colorfade mode. of course this plant is resizeable, too.

both of them can be seen in 3d at my inworld store. the marketplace release will follow soon.

Montag, 1. April 2013

zen garden dragon

the zen garden dragon has been released finally.

its a 15x 15m square structure that seats 7 avatars simultanousely.
meditate, watch the koi or even rake the cobblestones - this is your oasis of calmness and contemplation.

hand shaded shadows, animated water and lots of sculpted low prim 3d plants carefully arranged give a high quality look and realism. 

frequent visitors might have noticed the display model at my store - but now its also available from my vendors and at marketplace.
Dont forget you will only get group discount inworld if you wear your buddhabeats group tag.

see it live and in 3d

Namaste, rupert

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

flower power

Its snowing again in germany and i thought: "spring would be absolutely awesome!"
Seems like we need to wait some more time until we can walk outside without freezing again here - so lets make our sl ready for spring. At least our eyes and thoughts can warm up a little bit...
 The spring grass is the first of my spring collection. A great groundcover grass with white spring flowers inbetween. Like all grasses it comes in a circular, square or wave shape to fit every garden or forest.
 The bellflower grass is a more colorful groundcover. It has blue and purple bellflowers showing up between the fresh grasses or a pale variant, which is also inside the box.
 The dandelion grass is more a summer groundcover, but looks fantastic together with the bellflower grass. (yes, they all blend very well together) Blooming and ripe dandelions are mixed and (i couldnt resist) spawn particle seeds! There is also a variant without seeds included if you are afraid your neigbour reacts allergic to tiny, puffy dandelion seeds hovering on his or her parcel. Of course the particle effect is decent and natural. Nothing is worse than a good looking plant with an "over the top" particle effect that ruins the natural impression.
Keep your feet and thoughts warm - the spring is very close!

Samstag, 2. März 2013

updated: holographic tree

The holographic tree(s) have been updated.
Confusion about which size is the right one belongs to the past! The "2013 version" can be resized with the built-in script now. No matter if you want to place it in your backyard, your living room or your spaceship cabin - this one will fit your place!
If you cant decide which color you like the most, why not use the new color fade feature?
Let the tree smoothly cycle trough all colors!
You may also change the glow intensity in 3 steps.
If youre afraid of lag, just activate the new low lag mode, which stops all timers and the texture animation.
Of course the holographic tree 2013 is low lag as usual - all new functions have been implemented into one single script. Theres just a minimal impact to your sim, even with colorfade and texture animation activated.
If you havent got your update, just IM me inworld!

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

rebuilding and more

I did some rebuilding at my store. No worries, the floating isles remain, but there is more space which means more things to see in the long run. Regarding "long run" - you will have to walk much more now, because the teleport stones are deactivated temporarily. Of course you can fly, too! if you havent got a flight boost, you can grab one at the sign nearby the store entrance.

Maybe you have noticed a small bottle with glowbugs at my store... Yes, it has been there for a while, but finally i released them for sale.

I also found time to enhance an older product: the wheat grass.
Unfortunately this enhancement has not lowered the prim count - but i think it is really worth the few prims more.

More things to come soon - i have a long list (made of real paper) on my desk and every free rl minute goes into working off that list.

Bookmark this blog or join my inworld group to stay informed.

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

new in february

i did not only release new products - i also changed the way of product presentation.
the vendor pictures got a more minimal look to show more of the product on the vendors.

the baby bamboo is the first product with the new vendor picture. a very basic product, not even scripted - but beautiful. the box contains 3 different sizes to fit every place.

the bonsai oak got an update and returns as "2013 version". less prims, more details and more options. i have added a smaller pot with a little grass arrangement that can be rezzed seprately.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

back to the roots

i finally found a good mesh robe, the perfect outfit for "the electric monk"...
on my first sl days i used to wear an orange robe, too. but not as beautiful like the one on the picture. thats why i didnt wear it often lately...
but with this robe you will see me more often as rupert - the electric monk.

blessings to you!

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

sculpted fireflies

I absolutely love fireflies. Maybe because you dont see them often here in germany.
I guess everyone in sl has at least one of my free particle fireflies (you dont have? they are free!) and i felt in the mood to make some more natural fireflies...
They have 3 prims and swirl around like a swarm of fireflies normally would.
The sculpted design makes a fading effect possible - they blink like you know it if you had the luck to see them in the nature...

Watch the video to see what i mean.